8 Webinar Secrets
1) Deliver Value.
It never ceases to amaze me when I am coaching and building a webinar for a new client when they say "I don't want to give too much away..." and they MEAN IT!
Listen, you have to deliver valuable content consistently!

When you go to google and you are looking for something, do you PAY?

No, is it all REALLY free! 

No, I pay to advertise and you probably do too but its free to the end user.

When you do a Webinar, on any subject, choose what you are going to talk about - ONE TOPIC or area of a particular topic and then, go crazy on the details about that ONE thing!

2) Build an Audience.
Whether you use one or many different platforms the main GOAL is to BUILD AN AUDIENCE.

Chose not only how you feel the most comfortable, but perhaps the most important is to look at what medium your audience is using and where they are located; Podcast, Vlog, Blog, Social Media Groups.

3) Listen to your Audience!
When doing your Webinar and we talk about this in more details in the manual. Listen to your audience, listen and pay attention to the questions being asked.

4) Record similar needs, struggles and pain points.
Record the questions, those are the pain points that you need to have solutions for

5) Create an outline that provides the solution
As questions become repetitive, they become content for a solutions program.

6) Drive traffic to a LIVE Webinar
Use every means possible, email, Facebook posts, Facebook Ads, Sidebars, chat - FILL the room. You will get about a 30% show-up rate.

7) Provide incredible value
Do you see a thread here on this whole VALUE thing?

Deliver VALUE!!

Don't be afraid, deliver ALL you got on that ONE subject. Like going all out on one chapter of a 6 or 7 chapter book - there is still SO MUCH MORE...

8) Convert the solution into sales!
Since you have broken it down and deliver maximum value in ONE area of what you have to offer, now imagine how more there is ... 
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In the Webinar Manual You Will Discover:
  • What is a Webinar and the importance of LIVE vs ’Evergreen’ 
  •  The Advantages of a Webinar vs the Old Sales Model
  •   Webinar Conversion script
  •   Questions to ask to get engagement during the Webinar
  •   Selling with a Story Template
  •   Selling a Coaching Program
  •   The 12 In depth Steps to a high Converting Webinar
  •   The 3 Strategy Excitement Builder
  •   Best Practices for Positioning the Offer
  •   Building the Close - 'The Stack'
  •   Building excitement in the Close
  •  Closing with Scarcity 
The Webinar Conversion Manual
Your Complete Webinar Success Systems
Webinars are a game changer in any business. 

If you need to deliver content to an audience, there is NO better way than through a webinar. 

Webinars can be hugely profitable, but they also are a lot of work… 

There are a lot of moving pieces and parts to a successful webinar that need to be juggled. These include – finding guests, planning the webinar, creating the handouts, promoting the webinar so that people know about it, and sending reminder emails to attendees so they show up.

So much can be said and shared in a webinar that sometimes we can get lost in the process. That happened to me!    

I knew they worked, I just did NOT know all the mechanics, so I followed the leaders using them and selling millions with them in 90 minutes.  

I followed them, in some cases I joined their training programs and pulled the best stuff out. Some worked for me, some did not.


Why start from scratch and stress and struggle your way through when we’ve done the work for you?

The Webinar Conversion Manual and the Templates included will make your next webinar a complete success. This includes: Checklists, Charts, Agendas, and Fill-in-the-blank Webinar Template to Make your Next Webinar More Profitable Than Ever!
Webinar Templates to Succeed With!
  • Webinar Manual 
  •  An agenda for planning your webinar
  •  A checklist for locating guest speakers 
  •  Fill-in-the-blank invitation template for guest speakers 
  •  Fill-in-the-blank press release template to promote your webinar
  •  Fill-in-the-blank blog post template to promote your webinar 
  •  Webinar announcement email template 
  •  Webinar reminder email template 
  •  Webinar thank you email template 
  •  An agenda for assigning work to contractors 
  •  Checklist for your assistant 
  •  Follow up email for guests 
  •  2 Fill-in-the-blank Twitter Posts to promote your webinar 
  •  2 Fill-in-the-blank Facebook Posts to promote your webinar 
  •  Webinar service comparison chart 
  •  Template for creating webinar handouts 
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks Webinar Template!
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