The Webinar Conversion Manual
Your Complete Webinar Success Systems
Webinars are a game changer in any business. 

If you need to deliver content to an audience, there is NO better way than through a webinar. 

Webinars can be hugely profitable, but they also are a lot of work… 

There are a lot of moving pieces and parts to a successful webinar that need to be juggled. These include – finding guests, planning the webinar, creating the handouts, promoting the webinar so that people know about it, and sending reminder emails to attendees so they show up.

So much can be said and shared in a webinar that sometimes we can get lost in the process. That happened to me!    

I knew they worked, I just did NOT know all the mechanics, so I followed the leaders using them and selling millions with them in 90 minutes.  

I followed them, in some cases I joined their training programs and pulled the best stuff out. Some worked for me, some did not.


Why start from scratch and stress and struggle your way through when we’ve done the work for you?

The Webinar Conversion Manual and the Templates included will make your next webinar a complete success. This includes: Checklists, Charts, Agendas, and Fill-in-the-blank Webinar Template to Make your Next Webinar More Profitable Than Ever!
Webinar Templates to Succeed With!
  • Webinar Manual 
  •  An agenda for planning your webinar
  •  A checklist for locating guest speakers 
  •  Fill-in-the-blank invitation template for guest speakers 
  •  Fill-in-the-blank press release template to promote your webinar
  •  Fill-in-the-blank blog post template to promote your webinar 
  •  Webinar announcement email template 
  •  Webinar reminder email template 
  •  Webinar thank you email template 
  •  An agenda for assigning work to contractors 
  •  Checklist for your assistant 
  •  Follow up email for guests 
  •  2 Fill-in-the-blank Twitter Posts to promote your webinar 
  •  2 Fill-in-the-blank Facebook Posts to promote your webinar 
  •  Webinar service comparison chart 
  •  Template for creating webinar handouts 
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks Webinar Template!
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